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                     Poco Rico Kokopellis King of Hearts
2009, 2010 and 2011 AMHR National Champion Multi Color Gelding Under
            Top 10 All Star Multi Color Gelding Under 2009 & 2010.
                         Top 10 in Halter 2009 & 2010 
Need A Web Site
My miniature horse obsession is my retirement hobby, that started with one mini, then a mini friend.
After seeing a show, then entering a show and so on. Located 9 miles from the capitol city of Jefferson City
I have lived at this location for 22 years and started out as woods,
with cows and horses surrounding us, but the city and new
subdivisions are quickly approaching, so hopefully a move
is in the further out in the country. I have purchased an 
assortment of mares and stallions, as I want to breed for color.
My mares range from solids to tobiano, pintos and frame overo, 
belly splash overos and Appaloosas.  If you have any interest in any
of my horses, may be considered even if not on the sale page.